Wednesday, 26 May 2010

First trek for the group, in Mt. Carmel nature reserve

This last weekend, we completed our first trek as a group, in the very demanding yet rewarding traverse of the Carmel ridge.

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The beautiful scenery, physical challenge and the great enthusiasm of all members will be remembered as a first experience for the entire team. Guides Olfat and Ilan have succeeded to forge the 12 participants into one well-functioning crew that will continue on to the next adventure in the upper Jordan river, on their journey towards true coexistence, friendship and to the summit of Mont Blanc this summer.

View the entire photo-album from this adventure, and stay posted for the next!

Photos and text by Tomer.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

CoExistence group heads out for nature

After planning and revising their first joint hike down to the finest detail, the 12-member team will traverse the Carmel ridge, exploring this region's dramatic topography and reviving springs.

A group brainstorm with guide Olfat Haider yielded a demanding route along the finest mountain trails along with an elaborate scheme of all the required food and gear for a 36-hour trek.
The trek will begin with a steep 500 meter (vertical) climb up the Yagur stream and descend to Oren valley in order to ascend up to Mt. Shokef for a 360-degree view of northern Israel. A late-afternoon dip in the Alon spring right before reaching camp, and a protein-rich dinner will end this energetic day.

Rising early in day 2, the group intends to venture into the Sefunim and Aranit caves, and search for some interesting underground stalactite chambers. After lunch, a swim in the Kedem spring pool and the ascent back to the main campus of the University of Haifa will mark the end our first outdoor experience as a team.

Everything is ready and the spirits are high for our upcoming adventure!

wish us luck & good photos :-)