Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mt. Carmel 2011

Our first ascent was on Mt. Carmel, which is the home land of the university of Haifa, were all of us study. It was the physical test that the participants had to pass in order to be accepted to the program. I'm glad I did it, in spite of the injury that I had in my right knee. It was my first experience with such an effort, and I made sure then that it won't be the last.
It was an enlightening experience to see the boundaries between Arabs and Jews melting away in the drops of sweat from each of us. Not only that, but we also cooked together, ate together. slept together and went to the bathroom together (just kidding).
I hope we will be able to share with others the great experience we all had. 

Fireman (the man who makes fires, not the opposite).

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